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Why our Screwpiles outperform groundscrews and other piles

Our revolutionary 2nd generation Helix piles offer much more bang for the buck, when compared to other foundation methods. Here’s what you need to consider:


A screwpile is not a groundscrew. The special Helix-shaped tip of the pile is designed to screw easily into the ground and offer greater load-bearing as well as compression and tension loads. This shape offers greater ease in installation, even when the ground material is not optimal.

Helix Screwpile
The Helix Pile comes with a large collar and a tip design that helps the pile screw easily into the ground.

The shape and size of the collar is also important to note: It has been designed to withstand ground frosting in the Nordic winter – where the frost would push a regular ground screw upwards and distort the foundation. This construction gives it superior tensile strength even in locations where frost is not an issue. The wide collar also offers more stability and withstands more weight even with softer ground material


Our high-grade, hot-dip galvanized steel piles offer high resistance to corrosion as well as great load-bearing capacities (ask for charts) so that you can even build a house on these things (see our reference locations). You can even re-use the screwpiles if you choose to move your garage, terrace etc. You can even use the piles for underwater installations such as piers and jetties.

The manufacturer of these piles is the only Finnish manufacturer of screw piles to have been awarded ISO 9001 quality and ISO 14001 environmental management certifications.

This is why we confidently extend a warranty of 50 years to our Helix piles.


Why choose Piles over traditional foundations?

  • Excavation work is not cheap …and takes time
  • Drainage work for a concrete foundation has a price tag …and takes time
  • Frost insulation, if need be –takes time and excavation work.
  • Casting concrete has a curing time even after you do all the groundwork.
  • Transporting and storing everything for laying a traditional foundation has a price tag as well

Screwpiles are delivered at your door, take little space before (and after) they are installed. They:

  • Can be installed easily – even by hand
  • Can be installed into tight spaces, weak soils and hard to access sites.
  • Are immediately ready for use
  • Applicable for a variety of uses with our brackets: New buildings, summer cottages, carports, terraces, fences, piers, lighting poles. Etc.
  • They do not need drainage or insulation work
  • They require no soil disturbance
  • They do not require loud or vibrating machinery to be installed.

Why choose Helix screwpiles over other ground screws / other screwpiles

  • Our latest generation Helix piles have a unique design that offers greater load-bearing, horizontal and vertical tensile strength. The large collar makes them more stable in softer ground and withstands ground frost. Sometimes size doesn’t matter but here it does. Our piles have been tested and developed in rough, arctic conditions to withstand extremities of all four seasons.
  • The piles are crafted in Porvoo, Finland with over a decade of experience. We offer a 50 year warranty for our quality. If you want to approve of the product yourself – just order a sample pile, without shipping costs.
    If you have any questions – do not hesitate to contact us.